EMOTIONAL EATING: Why it happens

EMOTIONAL EATING: Why it happens

Eating behaviors are intimately connected to all that makes us human. Our relationships, our family, our job, our story, our cultural background, our economic status, everything has an impact on our eating behaviors. When a person experiences eating challenges such as emotional eating, overeating, binge eating, the dynamic eating psychology approach (which is my approach too) looks at those challenges with food in a very specific way. Not seeing the person as broken or as a failure but as wonderful opportunities to grow and evolve.

What are those emotional eating or overeating patterns teaching you?

Let me take a few examples

“I eat emotionally when I am bored, stressed or depressed”

  • Am I eating to fill a whole, an emptiness?
  • Why do I get bored?
  • Do I have enough passion and hobbies in my life?

“I overeat”

  • Am I overeating to compensate for something?
  • Am I overeating to numb some pain?
  • Am I overeating to put some protection on? Or to become visible?

“I come back from a crazy day at work and I gulp down everything I find”

  • How can I manage stress?
  • Do I have difficult or toxic relationships at work?

“I under eat or over restrict myself because I need to have a perfect body”

  • What is it that I am trying to control?
  • Where does my quest for perfectionism come from?

Getting to the roots of the emotional eating or overeating is a crucial step to be able to overcome the eating challenge. What is my body telling me? How could I deal with its messages?

As you could read, eating challenges have very little to do with food but are a sign that something deeper needs to be addressed and healed first.

If I tell my patient with emotional eating or overeating challenges exactly what to eat at each meal but I don’t address the root cause of the challenges, that patient will FIRST feel guilty not to be able to follow my nutrition plan and SECOND, he will never come
back. Information in nutrition is very valuable but not understanding the mind of the eater will not create lasting changes and will always limit the chances of a successful recovery.

Our relationship with food needs to be
honored, respected and understood but never criticized and judged.

This is the whole purpose of the HAPPY SPOON 30-DAY PROGRAM. The program helps to go in depth and understand the root causes of the emotional eating, binge eating or overeating challenges. Once those are understood, you can start rebuilding a healthy and happy relationship with food and body and finally reach a healthy weight. Check the program if you feel you need help in overcoming emotional eating or overeating.

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