Find food freedom

What kind of eater are you?

Are you unhappy with your relationship to food?

Do you find yourself eating without being hungry?

Do you sometimes eat emotionally or unaware?

Have you been in and out diets but cannot keep the weight off?

Do you think you lack self-discipline to control your eating?

The Happy Spoon 30-day program is exactly what YOU NEED


  • Get to the root of your emotional eating
  • Learn the different types of hunger
  • Identify your emotional triggers
  • Find ways to honor your feelings without food
  • Become a mindful eater and expand mindfulness to all areas of your life
  • Enjoy food without guilt and reach a happy weight
  • Take your power back over food and your life

it only takes 20 minutes a day!

Tune into your body’s own wisdom to understand why, how, when, what and how much you eat.

Ditch the scale, reject the diet mentality and enjoy food without guilt.

Switch off the “autopilot”, create new habits and initiate new patterns that will rock your world!

Are you ready to find food freedom?

Here is what you get with the HAPPY SPOON 30-day program

  • A workbook with daily goals, tips and fun exercises
  • Daily coaching audios with tips and tricks on how to implement your daily goals
  • Mindful eating and mindfulness audios
  • “Before a craving” and “Love your body” audios
  • Cheat sheets and tools for change
  • Powerful strategies for sustainable change
  • A weekly personal check-in email from Delphine Remy

"I achieved stunning results, like none I had ever been able to achieve with any other program I have tried in the past. The Happy Spoon Program changed the way I think and how I relate to food and my body."
_ Karen, 38 years old


The Happy Spoon is NOT just another weight loss program.

It is a lifestyle and the Happy Spoon Program is about spending 30 days easing your body into a new way of eating and living.

There is NO exercise requirements.

Exercise is of course important but so many people think it is the only key to changing their body, it is NOT. Working out without proper nutrition is pointless. This is why the Happy Spoon Program focuses on food mindset and the relationship to food.

You will NOT have to buy special foods.

The Happy Spoon program doesn’t require special foods to complete the program. You will use the foods you usually buy and love.

NO MORE « Today is not the right time ».

The Happy Spoon Program has been designed as a time-tested process to help you achieve significant results in 30 days. The program has been created to change your life NOW.

The Happy Spoon Program is so much MORE than a nutrition program.

The Happy Spoon is a personal transformational journey. You will have breakthroughs about yourself and your relationship to food. You will be able to create sustainable changes in your life and gain back your power over food and your life.

Hi there !

I’m Delphine Remy

I’m a Certified Holistic Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coach, obsessed with teaching others how to gain back their power over food and, ultimately, their life. My dream with the Happy Spoon 30-day program is to help as many people as I can find food freedom.

I cannot wait to accompany you on this transformational journey!


It is not complicated to create short-term changes in your eating habits but sustainable health and lifestyle transformation is a whole different thing! This is what the Happy Spoon Program focuses on.  
Here is an overview of what the 30-Day Journey looks like.

You will start the week by creating your intentions for the journey, explore your eating habits and use the powerful Cycle for Focused Eating to understand more about yourself and your relationship to food. The Cycle for Focused Eating is a very powerful tool that will help you understand WHY, WHEN, WHAT, HOW and HOW MUCH you eat. You will use the Hunger Scale and make the difference between emotional and physical hunger. You will finally identify your emotional triggers that make you want to eat.

You will learn how to honor your feelings and emotions without using food. You will acquire all the step-by-step tools to become a mindful eating pro! You will be able to find ways to honor your feelings and emotions without food. Each day, you will add a new component to your mindful eating practice, such as gratitude and engaging your 5 senses. You will have a powerful craving game plan you can use whenever a craving is creeping up!

You will uncover hidden parts of yourself! You will dig deep by challenging your emotional eating and your eating and thinking patterns. You will be asked to think outside the box such as exploring your thoughts versus your reality and analyze all the toxic beliefs that keep you stuck in an unhealthy eating cycle. The Greater Insight Bubble Challenge on Day 17 will allow you to be the best detective of yourself. You will learn how to treat your body with love and respect. Such a stunning and transformational week!

You will build even more on your strong foundation by discovering all the psychological and physiological health benefits of mindful eating and expanding mindfulness to other areas of your life. We will also talk about nutrition and other types of cravings for a full understanding of what is going on when they happen. You will explore the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating to be able to adopt a healthy nutrition philosophy that rejects dieting in favor of internal body cues forever.

You will write a manifesto declaring your independence from food. You will create your own sustainable method for life by proudly reviewing the distance you have traveled and using a basic tool as a reminder of the path walked, and overcoming emotional eating/overeating.


  • 30-day downloadable workbook
  • 40+ audios by Delphine
  • 20+ cheat sheets and tools for change
  • Specific mindful eating, mindfulness, craving game plan audios
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Personal check-in emails from Delphine
  • Support by email
  • 30 recipes
  • 8 video recipes

* All materials included are equivalent to 10 private Eating Psychology Counseling Sessions worth over $900 ​

Join the happy Spoon 30-Day Program for only $229

Delphine is a proud supporter of Healthcorps

a national non-profit organization, founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz

The happy spoon program changed their lives

I love food. I just love it. And while I have tried many diets in my life I never realized the impact of my emotions (positive and negative) on my hunger, my way of eating and my food choices. Happy Spoon made me aware of my relationship to food and my eating triggers. Now that I became so conscious of those, I make better food choices without feeling like I am restricting myself. I had this wrong belief that when you love food, you just cannot stop and you get caught in this infernal spiral of eating, shame, restriction, overeating, ... I finally enjoy food but I can STOP and not feel frustrated. Whenever I have cravings, I know how to understand them and deal with them. I am grateful for the Happy Spoon program because I gained back power of food and my life.
23 years old
My emotional eating problems were so deep that I really had doubts about the program, I tried all sorts of approaches for the last years but the Happy Spoon was totally different. I loved it and I am so happy because I started to lose weight without even making an effort. The program was almost like an exploration journey with realistic goals, I was worried at the beginning about not being able to follow the rhythm but it was just perfect. All the approaches I tried didn't have audios, I really felt Delphine was with me for 30 days. She is very reassuring. I would definitely recommend the program to everyone who feels stuck like I was.
58 years old
The Happy Spoon transformed my life. I was an emotional eater and this unique step-by-step program helped me understand why I had uncontrollable urges to eat that were making me feel so guilty. I finally discovered my emotional triggers, learned to become a mindful eater and I now finally enjoy food without guilt. I loved the audios, they had a calming effect on me and it almost felt like private coaching sessions for 30 days. I will listen to them more because my journey didn't stop after the program. I am so happy because I am losing weight simply by eating mindfully.
30 years old

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